Agionet – Internet applications and presentations [ENGLISH]

Agionet, a company with long-term experience in development of applications and presentation systems.

Introduction of Agionet, Plzen

Our main activities include creation of Internet presentations and applications and their placing on Internet and Intranet servers. We also offer a possibility to store the presentations on CD/DVD/BlueRay (and take advantage of the benefits offered by these technologies). So-called kiosk solution is being employed more and more for placing presentations with touch screen and a small computer – which is also the case of our solution called

Animators and FLASH programmers constitute a significant section in our company. They also prepare individual presentations for chain stores, Big LCD screens, museums, orientation systems, etc... Another important group are Internet application programmers using PHP/MySQL, jQuery, java scripts, C#, ... and naturally a group of graphics and coders using Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, Dreamweaver, etc. to create eye-catching websites and presentations. We naturally base on our own graphic designs and our graphic designers create draft logos, Corporate design, websites, etc. However, it is true that we quite often use professional Joomla templates which are fully functional and which use elaborated modules and components. We also deal with DTP, even though not as actively as in the past. We also record films with a professional digital camera and we process the resulting video/film in the post production to be broadcast or used on the Internet/DVD/BlueRay.

We use Joomla platform (= an extensive CMS) for creating large websites and we also programme extension components, modules and plug-ins for this platform.
As we have created many websites and the types of clients/websites keep repeating, we have started programming www packages for particular areas: accommodation/restaurants, musicians/clubs, bicycle shops, for builders, developers, real estate agencies, etc. The advantage of this approach is a professional web design which is practically complete with all functionalities – one just has to fill in all relevant information. Moreover, its price is very interesting, as the cost of the first design is divided into subsequent copies.

We have also programmed extensive website applications which we offer to the general public/companies:
Customer loyalty systems with collection of points from shops and the possibility to obtain discounts and gifts (users have to be registered there but the following website mentions the means and possibilities of use:
ERP-e company + demo: username and password: demo
360FB – survey system for management assessment
Competition survey system – online surveys supporting SMS sending and assessing
We implement Redmine – project manager – we offer its installation and setting to companies (it is an open source programme and we only engage in counselling and setting)
Our long-term practice in programming also brought us a wide amount of our own code in the shape of modules (payment gateways and systems, links to various websites using XML feeds, extended functionality of shops, booking systems, survey systems with evaluation...) and a lot of practical experience.

Internet services

Web hosting, server hosting service
Management of all issues concerning domains including registration, creation of email addresses, launching website, etc.
Google Apps – registration of a particular company, setting, etc.
We are preparing a website tool for converting PDF into a nice FlipBook presentation (e.g.: Presentation Flipbook)
and many others...

Our own projects which we have developed and managed: – sending of electronic Happy New Year cards which we design ourselves (particularly animated: – this project is rather discontinued

We greatly support our "website search engine optimization" section which is concerned with SEO/SEF/SEM/SEO analysis and the goal of which is to improve the search results of a particular website on the Internet.

(see references concerning flash applications and Internet applications)